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On the other hand, if your are interested or want to seek more information on altruistic donation, Live Forever can help guide you through this process, from assessment to donation.

If you are interested in collaborating with Live Forever, volunteering or helping fund the charity, please get in touch and we will gladly let you know how we can work together. We organise fundraising events that can be followed on Facebook and Twitter, for more information on what you can do to get involved. We feel at Live Forever that there is always a time to think about other and to give as much as we can. 


London, UK

Puebla, MX


The Live Forever charity was founded in 2019 to help children worldwide in need of organ transplantation

The Live Forever aim is to provide families of children with guidance and information on transplant surgery. This can include information on up to date transplant surgery, family work-ups for donation and post transplantation care


Live Forever Charity is a project to give advice to anyone intersted in the fascinating world of transplantation
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